Product Information

AutoWiFi is an app that automatically connects your iPhone or iPod Touch to your favorite web-authenticated hotspots by saving your username and password and sending it to the hotspot provider when needed. No more trying to remember or retyping your username and password every time: just launch AutoWiFi and you're connected.

By using an advanced learning system AutoWiFi works with most web authenticated hotspots out of the box so you don't have to send us information on the hotspot for us to add it to a database. Simply launch AutoWiFi and log in once by following the "add network" instructions. AutoWiFi learns what to do to connect and will automatically connect you in future without you having to reenter your data: quick, clean and easy.



Version History

  1. Saves your connection data and automatically connects you to public hotspots - No more typing complicated usernames and passwords on the small keyboard.

  2. Can automatically learn to connect to new hotspots - No need to send us information about the hotspot first!

  3. Supports iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

  4. Free version called AutoWiFi Lite available to try before you buy.