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Wann is free and works in Berlin (+Brandenburg) Geneva, Vienna and Linz. Wann is available in the app store.


Locates you automatically.

Wann locates you, sorts the stations, removes stations with no departures and shows you your departures without you having to tap anything – and so quickly that you can even use it while in transit. Never wait in the cold unnecessarily again!

Calculates walking distance.

Wann knows the distance to a station and highlights departures you can actually reach. And if you don’t know where a station is – just tap it, Wann will lead you there.


Wann is optimized for speed and launches with amazing speed. Right after launch it immediately locates you and downloads the departures without a single tap. You’ll see your departures before other apps have even launched.

Wann: 3.93 seconds
Qando: 8.76 seconds

(Wann 1.3 vs Qando 4.0, iPhone 5S 3G, average)

iOS 7 Design

Wann was completely redesigned with iOS7 – with love. It not only looks great, but the design will help you find your departures quicker.


Smart Filter

Departures that you won’t be interested in are automatically removed so you find the one you need faster.


Beautiful Animation

They don’t just look good: the animations help you find your orientation quicker, for example when you get closer to a station.

Universal, 64 Bit

Works on all iOS screen sizes, including iPad. Optimized for 64 bit to be even faster and power efficient.



Adapts to your iOS language. Tourists can use Wann without problems. Available in english too of course.



Wann uses the newest iOS 7 accessibility technologies. It can tell you the closest stations and their departures using VoiceOver.


Open Data

Wann uses open data. If Wann doesn’t work in your region you can contract your public transport authority directly from within the app.



New regions can easily be added. We’re working hard to offer Wann in further cities.


Much more...

Wann has many small features that you might never notice but that make sure that you’ll never have to unnecessarily wait for a departure.

What others say

  • Nominated for the Content Award and the Futurezone Award. Winner of the apps4austria jury award.
  • I'm super impressed by this app. It's terrific!
    Philip K.